New on the web platform in April, 2022

Fold estimation is the next frontier in web perf optimization

Coordinated announcement by all browser makers

content-visibility, the CSS primitive for O(1) DOM layout cost without breaking a11y, is now in progress or shipped in all major browser engines.


…and shipping in Chromium

New responsiveness metric is available to read in CrUX

Yet another PSA: Free performance

And Chromium is shipping away on the 'veto reasons'

Interesting decision to be made by browsers

The non-runtime effectful parts of TS may soon be valid JS

AI in the browser

Native lazy loading: 🍻, Navigation preload: You can now use ServiceWorkers for "websites" in Safari, Strict dynamic CSP: You can now use CSP in Safari, Viewport units: There are now units that work like you thought the old ones did, CSS cascade layers: 🤩

This is a very important new feature making it possible to virtualize DOM (not to be mistaken with virtual DOM) in a way that it is still accessible to find-in-page. The most obvious use case is to markup the contents of accordion style UIs to automatically open on find.

Hardware AV1 decoding on Qualcomm and Intel

Micro-frontend tech

Native lazy loading is good

This may also impact the #AppleBrowserBan

You can now pay for MDN

Free performance win (if it is web compatible)

Yeah, we can't have pre-cached npm, but we can have pre-cached Helvetica!

This looks really helpful

Plus, it works for setters!

Why we can't have nice things

One more browser on the way for bare imports

"A partner finished an experiment and confirmed that latency on their service is reduced by 45%."