New on the web platform in June, 2022

This isn't new but worth a PSA

Standardization effort for Web API based server runtimes

Start logging this to learn why you are not benefitting from free performance

…and a way to turn off one major reason for no BFCache

It's happening™️

Also the literal opposite is happening

This API proposal is a big deal. Primarily because it looks like it might be easy enough to use to get adoption

Tooltip (etc.) positioning in CSS

Faster H3 discovery through DNS

Keep folks on their toes


'Looks to the left, looks to the right'.gif

The USA is joining the browser-engine diversity regulation game

Better async debugging


ServiceWorker ☠️

Attempt to bind cookies to their origin by default (rather than the weird legacy semantics from before origins were a thing)

It was always weird that media queries didn't support full boolean logic

Browser-built-in HTML Sanitization. Will also be great for Deno and friends