New on the web platform in March, 2022

For less snark and Malte-bias check out Rachel's new series with the same theme

We're CORSing private network requests. This will be painful but is badly needed for IOT security

Chromium is looking to ship full network state partitioning. We have already lost the HTTP cache shared between sites; with this things like H2/H3 connections H3 TLS resumption, & DNS cache are also partitioned. This substantially increases the perf impact of 3P resources.

BFCache, also known as the one weird trick to make LCP be 0 milliseconds for all back navigations on your site, now has a dedicated tab in Chrome DevTools

Trigger global exception handlers without breaking execution flow

Compatibility data in MDN is no longer manually maintained!

An API rises from the dead ☠

Certificate transparency is diversifying

Required reading

My main pet-peeve is being addressed

I was shocked to learn that this wasn't supported. But, yaihh, I guess

Users know which sites you really use. This should be used more to pre-qualify permission prompts, etc.

This effect is extremely common. If you make your website demonstrably faster while the performance metrics measured in the field go down BUT your revenue (or whatever end to end gross business success metric you are using) goes up, then this is probably what is happening.

@layer is cool

Core Web Vitals ranking on Google Search for Desktop is launching

Is it web news that Google Docs is finally abandoning the pager-page metaphor?

Godspeed to the good folks fighting the #AppleBrowserBan