New on the web platform in May, 2022

We're about to see many more users requesting reduced data usage

Major speed-ups from privacy-preserving prefetching

Rest in Pieces ☠️

US is seeking input on Apple's browser engine monopoly

The EU is going ahead banning Apple's browser engine monopoly

Same in the UK.

Plus Apple is majorly staffing up the Safari team so they can actually compete in a fair environment.

It's happening™️


Fewer lines of code to write!

Cross-site caching is coming back in a privacy-safe way

I had known about this, but thought it was only impactful for legacy Windows and some Linuxes. But turns out that there is also a setting in MacOS that gets turned on when using a mouse that enables scrollbars that benefit from this change.

If you adobt anything from today, make it this:

I think "Window Controls Overlay" is significant not because that is particularly important but rather it shows how far web apps have come. Browsers are really now shipping the long tail of operating system integrations.

☠️ to require

If you hide your content in your app, then your website will not rank well in Google.

Per-page TTFB now available

Mobile PWA: Kind of Meh. Desktop PWA: On the road to 100% market share for Desktop apps.