New on the web platform in November, 2022

It may take an extra 6 months, but This Is Happening™️

…which is why we get solid Safari releases

…and useful privacy feature only 7 years late.

I believe it when it ships

Nobody really knows why this is good, but it aligns Blink with Gecko

More support for CSS-only UI

Pre-rendering is back in Chrome. Now also for 'same-site' navigations (e.g. and

Seems useful

This API seems underappreciated?

Shopify buys Remix

JXL is not coming to Chrome. But JXL features may come to JPEG 🤯

RIP document.domain

One of the weirdest gotchas of the web platform: with CORS mode you can control whether to send cookies BUT the HTTP cache might respond with a result that was fetched using a different CORS mode.

Next.js 13!

Using custom fonts well on the web is finally somewhat easy