New on the web platform in October, 2021

Important change in preload ordering. Will help many, but may require re-testing of strategies

The WASM killer app

Easy way to make signed exchanges via Cloudflare

Platforms are catching up on Core Web Vitals

#AppleBrowserBan is becoming mainstream discussion

Smoothness web vitals in the works

Chromium is giving up on making C++ memory safe

Your monthly reminder that AVIF is good

Igalia is why we can have some nice things

Actually deployable CSP is coming to Safari

Narrator: It did not go well

New important(^Wnce) performance tuning primitive

It is time


RIP AppCache

Slightly more reasonable CORS

All the ❤️ to jQuery. Also: Get rid of it if you can. You no longer need it

Cool stats about installed PWAs.