New on the web platform in October, 2022

If you ship one thing today, make it this

The best Chrome feature of the millennium (link to text fragment) is coming to Safari! "Implemented full search for text directives for Scroll to Text Fragment spec"


Shared Element Transitions seem to be happening

O(features uses) JS frameworks are becoming mainstream accessible

Good Riddance

Hope that this actually gets released quickly


The SQLite on the web API is coming to Android

Visual viewport sizing gets cross browser compat

And same for logical viewport units

You should probably not use this, but it exists

ShadowDOM may become usable for non-specialized use cases

…because this is the other missing link

INP debugging

The end of SPA-discrimination in Core Web Vitals is in sight

Seems like a great idea

A billion IOT owners sigh in relieve

The security-theater certificates are no longer slow